A) Wine Tasting New v's Old 17th June @ 7:30pm


Following on from our very successful virtual tastings Join us in-person for our New v's Old world wine tasting

Join Judith Boyle (beverage lecturer at TU Dublin Schools of Culinary Arts) on  17th June @ 7:30pm for this exciting & fun wine tasting

Find out the differences between new and old-world wines?. Explore first-hand how innovative wines from New World regions challenged the long-held traditions of wine making from the old world and how tradition and knowledge can lead to the same grape varieties giving wines with more complexity and depth of flavour

On the night you will receive:

  • A welcome drink
  • 5 samples of wines highlighting the new and old world
  • Details of the wine tasted
  • Some light bites

Tasting will take 90 minutes with plenty of time for questions.

** Please note this is an in-person tasting in Boyle's Kildare (R51TV08)