Spanish Wine Tasting for Spanish wine week- Organic and Natural wines

The SWW19 is taking place on April: from the 8th to the 14th. Designed for wine and food lovers of all levels, there is always an event to suit everyone.

As part of this celebration we will be hosting a wine tasting of Spainish organic and Natural wines.

This year’s event will be held on Friday the 12th of April at 7.30PM in Boyle’s tasting room.

Spain is the number one producer of organic wines in the world. Natural wines are wines produced without the use of chemicals and through natural vinification process. These wines are new and exciting and interesting to explore.

During the tasting we will taste six wines that highlight the organic and natural wines produced in the country.  We will delve into the history of these wines, the grapes that are used and the process of producing an organic or natural wine. We will discover some gems and hopefully open the tasters palette to some of the amazing wines that are produce in Spain.


Please find tickets in our products section or phone 0868418909